PT.Karacoco Nucifera Pratama - Jual Kelapa Parut dan Virgin Coconut Oil
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About Us

PT. Karacoco Nucifera Pratama

PT Karacoco Nucifera Pratama is a manufacturer and distributor of Kara's latest products to accommodate market demand for coconut processed products for consumers in Indonesia. PT Karacoco Nucifera Pratama, in collaboration with Sambu Group and through the KARA brand with Indonesian coconut farmers, has chosen coconut of the highest quality to be processed into varieties of coconut-based products as a solution for healthy food.

Consumer products
KARA's sales team offers products such as Coconut Cooking Oil, Coconut Drinks, Dessert and Bakery through various channels, such as retail, e-commerce, and through HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes). At present, this product is only available for the Indonesian market.

F & B
As a producer of coconut-based products, KARA must deal directly with the need to develop KARA products that are close to customers and through the outlet that this activity can be carried out. KARA outlets, Pulau Kara, are designed to bring coconut trips to customers and provide products that can be purchased directly in the unit and enjoyed on the spot.

KARA's mass product sales are carried out through trade and the products offered include Coconut Oil (CNO, RBD, CFAD & VCO), Coconut Water, Expeller Copra Pellets, Dry Coconut. Sales of trade products are available, used and resold for the Indonesian market.