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 PT. Karacoco Nucifera Pratama. is a distributor / supplier who sells coconut oil at cheap prices with the most complete choice. We provide coconut oil which is a type of coconut oil that is made from fresh coconut raw materials. This product is processed with a heating system without using chemicals. Virgin coconut oil, or better known as Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), is a modification of the process of making coconut oil so that products with water content and levels of free fatty acids are low, clear, fragrant, and have a long enough shelf life which is more from 12 months.

Coconut oil is generally used to make natural moisturizing and skin moisturizing lotions that are very good and easily absorbed by the skin. Its ability to seep into the skin helps the use of other medicinal plants, such as essential oils because coconut oil brings other oils past the skin barrier to enter the body. This oil can also be used as a natural anti-oxidant. That is, coconut oil is very effective in repairing damaged skin and soft tissues so that the body looks and feels fresh and healthy.

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